Creative Trails was brought in to build a small trail system in Popperton Park, located northeast of the Avenues in Salt Lake City. We were tasked with building some intermediate downhill trails, particularly catering to younger riders, as well as a hiking trail and a beginner bike loop. The downhill trails include jumps, wall rides, banked turns, and pump rollers, and loops back on itself. These trails are great for lapping a few times, getting riders comfortable with features and encouraging progress in their riding skills. The beginner bike loop has small rollers, a few easy turns, a nice tree-shrouded section and rock features, and an intro to switchbacks for our newest riders.

Throughout the building process, we received many questions and lots of support and enthusiasm from curious passers-by and local residents — we could hardly keep people off the trail as we were building it! This was a very fun project for us, both in the creativity it allowed and in the excitement we saw from the local biking community.

Salt Lake County’s Project Summary

There are multiple public parking lots on Popperton Park Way. The hiking trail starts just east of the Popperton Plots Community Garden, and the downhill biking trails about a quarter-mile further east from there. The beginner bike loop is located directly across the street from the garden.

2 thoughts on “Popperton Park Trail System – Salt Lake City

    1. Thank you Greg! We really appreciate the kind words. Popperton has definitely become one of our most popular community projects.


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