In November 2020, Creative Trails cut terrain for a cross-country ski loop near the Park City municipal golf course. We used an excavator and skid steer to clear, flatten, and revegetate the path. Things got a bit snowy out there halfway through the project, but it didn’t slow us down! Utah Open Lands and Park City Municipal Corporation partnered with us on the project, and helped to reseed and cover the loose soil with straw. They were also a huge help in offering feedback on trail ideas and communicating with local residents.

The final product is a directional loop with a moderate climb, cruising intermediate sections, and an adrenaline-filled banked drop — a rare feature in the cross-country ski world. For those looking for a mellower challenge, or just a shorter ride, there is a shortcut option through the center of the loop.

The loop is located just off the southwest end of the 5th hole at Park City Golf Course. It can be accessed from the 3km trail in the White Pine Nordic trail system, which is a fee area.

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