We’ve done quite a bit of trailbuilding for the growing Tuhaye neighborhood, located just outside Kamas, UT along the Jordanelle Reservoir. Early in our 2021 season, one of the trails needed a short reroute to avoid a property boundary, which pushed us into some pretty tough terrain — lots of rocks, not a lot of dirt, and a pretty steep build area. The reroute was very short but required drills, generators, hours of chipping away at rock by hand, and ultimately some rebar and siding to hang this trail off the side of a steep rock face. This was a tricky project, but turned into a very unique section of trail, leading to one of our favorite views in this trail system.

Public access and parking for the Tuhaye trail system is located just off Highway 248. Turn right at the Tuhaye entrance sign, then keep right on Longview Drive. The pavement turns to gravel, and the trailhead is located about 200 yards further. Tuhaye is a private residential community, so please enjoy these trails with courtesy.

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