In 2020, we kicked off a truly massive project to develop a trail system at a new resort area outside of Park City. This system is being built completely from scratch, but will allow connections between Wasatch County trails and the Park City system — a huge step in our trail community! Bob had designed an awesome, comprehensive trail plan for the developers, and after a bit of grant-writing and getting the plan approved, we were able to start construction in the fall of 2020, and continued it into our 2021 season.

Our first step was building a major, arterial trail through the center of the system. The primary function of this trail was an easy-riding access trail, but the terrain and landscape has made this trail a real gem. Traversing through rocky outcroppings, lush green tunnels, sparse desert landscape, and thick aspen and pine forests, this trail has a little bit of everything.

The trail (which has yet to be named) is about 4 miles end-to-end in its current state, but is not currently open to the public due to construction at the base and lack of infrastructure for public access. Its final form will be a few miles longer as we connect to the base and future trailheads.

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