Creative Trails was hired to design and build a public trail system in the new Tuhaye residential development. We started construction in 2018 and have since built and revamped several shared-use trails, constructed two directional mountain bike trails, and built a public trailhead. Tuhaye is perched above the east side of the Jordanelle, with awesome views of Mount Timpanogos and Deer Valley. The trails are really starting to weave together well, and we’ll be back out there in 2021!

Public access and parking for the Tuhaye trail system is located just off Highway 248. Turn right at the Tuhaye entrance sign, then keep right on Longview Drive. The pavement turns to gravel, and the trailhead is located about 200 yards further. Tuhaye is a private residential community, so please enjoy these trails with courtesy.

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